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  • Startdatum : 11-02-2022 11:22
  • Enddatum : 07-03-2022 07:03
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Description AHL Web 2.0

We are planning a new website and an implementation with WordPress.

We need designs for the 1) general pages of the AHL, as well as for the 2) individual "worlds" of the AHL and, if possible, WordPress templates for each page type.

1) general pages: create a theme for the general pages of the AHL (main design) - uniform look & feel, use of the same colours, menu, header / footer, we need different design for:

Subpages 1 (e.g. about us, shop, etc.)
Subpages 2 (simple design for pages such as imprint, data protection)

2) worlds of the AHL: are essentially pages for certain product groups. One could look at it like separate websites in the website.

The individual worlds differ from each other and from the general pages only by the color used (same structure, font type, font size).

Example: world one displayed in green, world two displayed in yellow.
Example: "Imprint" of the general page looks exactly like "Imprint" of World one, same look and feel, but is e.g. in green.

For this we also need designs for:

Mainpage (product group "home-" respectively landingpage)
Subpages 1 (e.g. service, shop, etc.)
Subpages 2 (simple design for pages such as imprint, data protection)

Please also provide us with at least 5 color suggestions for the worlds.



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